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Government Incentives

Government incentives come and go.  Remember Cash-For Clunkers?  Just a year or two ago there were also huge incentives on a vast array of other energy efficient products from windows and doors, to air conditioning and furnaces, to insulation and more.  Those too have now all expired or been reduced to almost nothing.  The same is true for solar electric.  At one time the California state utility rebate would have paid property owners as much as $2.50 per watt when they installed a solar system.  Today, with few exceptions, that money is all but gone.

Although a few individual municipalities, and municipally owned utilities still offer their own unique incentives, the last remaining significant government incentive for solar systems is the 30% Federal Tax Credit, but even that is set to expire in the near future.  We recommend that property owners consult with their tax advisors, however, for most qualified property owners the 30% tax credit equates to tens of thousands of dollars in savings.  We encourage property owners to act expediently to take advantage of any remaining incentives before they are gone.  Click here to have a 180 Solar Power expert calculate your government incentives.

government incentives