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how solar works

How It Works

Solar panels generate the same electricity as the utility company, but at a fraction of the cost.  The solar panels generate excess electricity during the day, which is what makes your electric meter "spin backwards".  That excess electricity is "stored" on the grid for you (in the form of bill credits) to bring back into your house any time, day or night - that is known as "Net Metering". 

Current "Net Metering" law mandates that utility companies allow homeowners to place the excess electricity from their solar systems on the grid, and take it back off of the grid, virtually for free.  However, current Net Metering laws are set to expire, at which point utility companies would be allowed to charge any new solar system owner significant fees to use the grid for their personal electricity storage.

The experts at 180 Solar Power are well versed in Net Metering.  Click here to get a solar quote before current Net Metering laws expire.